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Members of local environmental NGO arrested for illegal logging

Police in Kratie province has caught 8 people involved in illegal logging of luxury timber. Out of them 5 has been identified as members of local NGO “Cambodian Citizens’ Rights and Environment Protection Organization”. The 8 arrested has been charged with illegal logging in protected areas and hauling timber without permission. Red the full article … Read More

Ministry of Environment suggests ban on import of chainsaws

Acknowledging the on-going illegal logging problems, the Ministry of Environment has put forth a suggestion asking for a ban on the import of Chainsaws. The Finance Ministry replied that it will conduct a investigation into the issue and impose the ban if they find that chainsaws are indeed the cause of the illegal logging. Read … Read More

PLCN urges ministries to protect the forests

At a forum on protecting and concerving natural ressources with 300 attending, including the Environmental minister Say Samal, the PLCN brought forth testimonies of the illegal activities still going on in Cambodia, urging the ministries to improve the efforts to protect the forests of Cambodia. Read the full article at Khmer Times

Stop the cut with a tree selfie

In November and December 2016, PLCN and friends took selfies with trees to show their support for a future with forests. The selfies are a collective plea to the Cambodian government to stop the cut of the Prey Lang. With selfies, hashtags and short statements we asked the Cambodian authorities to work for 60 % … Read More

Ministry of Environment is positive towards PLCN monitoring efforts

In a interview with spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment Sao Sopheap, conducted by Khmer times, about the nomination of PLCN for the ISTF innovation award. Mr. Sopheap expresses the ministries appreciation of the monitoring done by the PLCN and also hope that their monitoring and patrolling will continue to benefit the conservation efforts in … Read More

PLCN nominated for Innovation prize (Press release)

Press release on the nomination for the ISTF Innovation Prize (23.01.17) Smartphones, a specially designed app and satellite gathered data. This modern-day tools are an integral part of the community forest monitoring carried out by the Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN). To use this tools – and to involve community members in systematized forest monitoring … Read More

Sample Gallery

WordPress has a easy to use gallery feature built in. No need for complicated plugins that only slow your site down, it’s right there in the core for you to use. Forward takes that one step further with a built-in lightbox image viewer. It includes 10 different styles so you can find one that best … Read More

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