Other reports

Here you find other relevant readings and reports in relation to Prey Lang and the Prey Lang Community Network.

Geographic citizen science for forest monitoring and conservation, by:
Bori, Péter József; Argyriou, Dimitris; Theilade, Ida
Published in:
Policy Briefs (Copenhagen Centre for Development Research)
Publication date: august 2020
Brofeldt et al 2018: Community Monitoring of Forest Crime

Brofeldt, S, Argyriou, D, Turreira-García, N, Meilby, H, Danielsen, F and Theilade, I. 2018. CommunityBased Monitoring of Tropical Forest Crimes and Forest Resources Using information and Communication Technology – Experiences from Prey Lang, Cambodia. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 3(2): 4, pp. 1–14, DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/cstp.129

Access to Collective Land Titles for Indigenous Communities in Cambodia
A study of the economic importance of oleo-resin… – June 2015 – English
Biodiversity Assessment of Prey Lang – May 2015 – English
Prey Lang Development Case – Do People Benefit From Its Development? Oct. 2013 English
Prey Lang Development Case – Do People Benefit From Its Development? Oct. 2013 Khmer
  Prey Lang Community Network, Commune Research Report 2013-­2014
REDD+ in Prey Long, Feasibility Study – Mar. 2011
Prey Lang Forest Report Portfolio – USAID 2011
  REDD+ and concervation of Prey Lang Forest, Cambodia. Summary of scientific findings 2007-2010
Concervation of Prey Lang Complex Cambodia. – May 2010 – English
Draft of Subdecree concerning Prey Lang English – 2008
 Draft of Subdecree concerning Prey Lang Khmer- 2008
 A Floral and Faunal Biodiversity Assessment of Prey Long – Nov. 2007
Indigenous Peoples In Cambodia – NGO Forum on Cambodia, April 2006