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New Film: “Cambodia Burning”

A new film by the photographer and filmmaker Sean Gallagher has been released. The beautiful film has won several awards and is mainly filmed with drones. The title of the film is “Cambodia Burning” and it describes the constant environmental degradation taking place in Prey Lang and other forest areas in Cambodia. View the film … Read More

Geographic citizen science for forest monitoring and conservation

The three researchers P. J. Bori, , D. Argyriou & I. Theilade, have published a report on Geographic citizen science for forest monitoring and conservation in the Policy Briefs, Copenhagen Centre for Development Research, No. 2 Aug. 2020 at the Copenhagen University. The report describes the background of the situation in the Prey Lang areal, … Read More

Environmental Groups Call for Intervention in Prey Lang

Groups of forest activists called on the government to order the closure of Think Biotech and Angkor Plywood at Prey Lang, as they reported that these two companies are engaged in illegal logging activities in protected areas. In a joint statement issued on July 21, more than 60 groups of monks, activists, community associations, and civil … Read More

Activist ban ‘spurs forest crimes’

Activist Heng Sros said that during the ban, logging and transportation of timber such as Beng, Koki, Sokrom, and other types of luxury wood were moved by hundreds of trailers every day. While Ministry of Environment officials claim they and relevant departments implement forest protection and conservation measures responsibly, forest protection activists have expressed frustration … Read More

COVID-19 lockdown precipitates deforestation across Asia and South America

Cambodia Increased logging in the Prey Lang Wildlife Refuge in Cambodia has been extensively reported. There is evidence for this both from the Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) lab at the University of Maryland, which registered more than 22,000 alerts during the week of April 27, and from reports from the Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN). “We … Read More

New Monitoring Report Published January 2019

Today the latest Monitoring Report from PreyLang forest was published. It covers the period from September 2017 until June 2018 and the main findings are, that there is no significant change in illegal logging activities. View the Report here

The Cambodian National Bird is Losing Habitat in Prey Lang

The continuous deforestation of the Prey Lang forest, does not only have massive effects on the people living in the local communities in and around the forest. Also, some of the wildlife species are endangered by the loss of dense forest area. One of the rarest birds in the world, the Giant Ibis, the national … Read More

Indigenous Groups to Play Leadership Role in Forest Protection

The 17th of November 2017, both marked the ending of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP23, as well as a fresh start for the indigenous groups worldwide. For the first time ever, COP23 talks led to an official acknowledgement of indigenous groups, for their important role in protecting forests and fighting climate change. This … Read More

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