PLCN Activities

Get a glimpse of how PLCN protect the forest. See pictures from patrols, workshops, confrontations with loggers and much more…

Life in Prey Lang

Houses on stilts, food growing on fields and children playing, welcome to the villages of Prey Lang


Plants and wildlife

Prey Lang is a biodiversity hotspot, and the home to thousands of plants. The indiginous people have been using the plants for multiple purposes such as food, medicine, crafts and more.

Campaign: Selfie For The Tree

People from all over the world are taking selfies with a tree to show their support for Prey Lang.
You can also join! Take a picture of you in front of a tree, upload it to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Selfieforthetree


Campaign: Prey Lang Avatars

In 2011, PLCN attracted national and international attention to Prey Lang in colorful demonstrations in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, inspired by the film “Avatar”. Here PLCN members would dress up and paint their faces to look like green avatars.



Watch interviews with PLCN members, small documentaries and videos of patrols in our video gallery, og go directly to our Youtube channel here.