COP23: A Voice From Cambodia

COP23 opening. Source: UNFCCC website

Cambodia hopes for higher ambitions from developed countries, and pledges for more cooperation between developed and developing countries during the climate summit COP23 this week. Representatives from The NGO Forum on Cambodia have travelled to Bonn, Germany to attend the annual meeting which is held from 6 to 17 November under the Presidency of Fiji.

The NGO Forum on Cambodia states in a document on their attendance, the importance of assistance from developed countries to help developing countries better adapt to climate change. Also, developing countries need help to implement strategies on how to reduce damages caused by climate changes. Furthermore, NGO Forum expresses a need for increased economic support, especially addressed countries most vulnerable to climate change.

According to UN University World Risk Index, Cambodia is ranked as the 9th most vulnerable country to natural disasters in the world. This makes Cambodia climate change an urgent concern for Cambodia and Cambodians, and is one of the reasons why voicing the need economic support is so important.

PLCN hope that participants at COP23 hear NGO Forum’s pledge about better and more effective implementation strategies and an increase in economic support to developing countries.

Source: The NGO Forum on Cambodia