The activities of PLCN – such as patrolling the forest – cost a considerable amount of money. That is fuel costs, maintenance of motorbikes, food and equipment for patrols and the like.

The members of PLCN depend on financial help and support to keep the activities going, and the more means we can supply, the more activities PLCN can carry through.

Therefore, we founded “Friends of PreyLang”, whose sole purpose is to collect money for PLCN and channel directly into the organization. Each dollar you donate to the account of “Friends of PreyLang” will be put directly at the disposal of PLCN to be used in the important work of protecting the forest.

You will receive a receipt from PayPal after completing your donation.

Your data will only be used to send a receipt.

You can donate a single amount or sign up for a monthly contribution.

We are grateful for every donation – small or big!