COVID-19 lockdown precipitates deforestation across Asia and South America


Increased logging in the Prey Lang Wildlife Refuge in Cambodia has been extensively reported. There is evidence for this both from the Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) lab at the University of Maryland, which registered more than 22,000 alerts during the week of April 27, and from reports from the Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN).

“We have observed transportation of timber in the forest,” said the PLCN’s Hoeun Sopheap in an email. “There have also been the Ministry of Environment reports which found 399 cases of illegal logging during 511 patrols in four months.”

According to the PLCN, the Cambodian government banned it from patrolling Prey Lang in February and this coincided with the spike in illegal activity.

“The reason that the government banned the PLCN from patrolling was because it didn’t want us to see the illegal logging activities and share this information publicly or with the media,” Sopheap said.


From Mongabay website