The Latest Status of Prey Lang – the 8th Monitoring Report

Status of Prey Lang- 8th Monitoring Report- 2020

The 8th Monitoring Report on the Status of Prey Lang is the latest report about the state of affairs in the Prey Lang area. This report is compiled by the University of Copenhagen using data collected from forest patrols of PLCN as well as satellite imagery from other sources (GFW, EC-JRC).

The following are the key messages  of the 8th Monitoring Report:

  • PLCN reports of illegal logging have increased particularly around the Think Biotech sawmill.
  • Most logged timber species are endangered according to the IUCN Red List; many are valuable for community subsistence.
  • While the latest government crackdown on illegal logging is welcome, PLCN urges greater government action against companies operating illegally in and around Prey Lang.

Read full report here: 200202_8th_PLCN_Report_Low_Spreads