Fires are burning down Prey Lang

Picture taken by PLCN on patrol in Prey Lang

We are at the peak of the fire season and fires are currently destroying natural forests in Prey Lang and in the rest of Cambodia. Satellite images from NASAs Earth Observatory showed that on February 3, 2018 more than 1,800 fires were burning all over Cambodia. NASA observed only a fourth of this number in Cambodia’s neighbor countries.

Most fires are set by villagers to clear land for farming, but some fires are also set by companies, the so-called economic land concessions according to The Ministry of Environment quoted in the Phnom Penh Post. These fires destroy natural forests, leaving land that will then often be used for plantation – destroying the natural ecological cycle.

The picture above was taken by a PLCN member on a recent patrol this week in Stung Treng showing a burned down natural forest. Help us save Prey Lang and raise awareness of the destructive forest crimes that are happening. Share and like this post.