New Sustainable Technology Helps Locals Fight Illegal Logging

Every year, illegal logging produce more greenhouse gas, than all planes, ships, trains, cars and trucks combined. Experts agree that stopping illegal logging is the fastest and cheapest way to stop climate change. A cheap and sustainable solution that can minimize illegal logging in rainforests may now have been discovered. Rainforest Connection, the first platform of its kind, produces real-time data on deforestation activities in tropical rainforests.

The technology used to provide real-time data from the rainforests is built from recycled smartphones. The smartphones are equipped with solar panels which ensures that the phones do not run out of power. The smartphones are then installed in in tree tops within the forests, where they constantly scan for the sounds of illegal logging. Each phone covers an area of 3.14km2. The moment the noise of illegal logging is picked up by the smartphones, an alert is sent to local partners by phone network, who can then intervene and minimize the illegal logging on the spot. So far, Rainforest Connection has installed smartphones in seven major rainforests all over the world.

The full potential of the technology is still uncertain, but with strong on-the-ground partnerships with local communities worldwide, this new invention will contribute significantly to the protection of our global rainforests.

Try out the technology yourself and experience 360° degree live video streaming from the rainforests. Download the Rainforest Connection app in Google play or App store.