The Tree That Can Cure Malaria

Combretum quadrangulare Kurz

Whether you suffer from diarrhea, malaria or a bad cough, the plants of Prey Lang can help you cure the symptoms.

One of the valuable plants found in the forest is the Sangkae tree. The people living in Prey Lang use each part of the tree to cure several different illnesses. Root, bark and wood is often boiled to create a mixture which is said to have a pain-relieving effect when suffering from bone pain. The same mixture is also used to cure malaria as well.

The lens shaped pores (lenticels) appearing on the bark of the tree, also called “the eyes of the tree”, can be used to cure a bad cough if you boil and drink it.

The young leaves of the Sangkae tree also have medicinal purposes. If you have caught an infection caused be amoebas, chewing and swallowing the Sangkae leaves will have a healing effect on the infection.

The curing abilities the Sangkae tree makes it of great value to the people living in Prey Lang. If the deforestation of Prey Lang continues, the Sangkae tree will disappear as well.

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