Prey Lang Community Network Statement

February 16, 2013 | Posted in: Press

There are not enough words to express the importance of our partnerships with, and assistance from, organizations and individuals in the protection of Prey Lang Forest. The support we have received has been invaluable and we must continue to build and strengthen these relationships.


In this regard, and with the utmost respect and gratitude to all of our supporters and allies, Prey Lang Community Network would like to reiterate that we are an independent community, and are not affiliated to any other organization. In order to fully promote the protection and sustainability of the forest, we must clarify that we do not work for, or under, any other organization.


We are comprised of active members from more than 200 communities in Prey Lang, which span four provinces. Since 2000, we have organized forest patrols, brought complaints to the government against environmentally damaging and illegal activities, and have petitioned the government for Prey Lang’s protection and sustainable management in partnership with the Network.


To find out exactly which campaigns and activities have been undertaken by the Prey Lang Community Network, please go to our website: ( and our Facebook page: (PreyLang, it’s our forest too).


Prey Lang is our forest but it is your forest, too.