Prey Lang Community Called for Cooporation from Government

January 25, 2013 | Posted in: News

On 22 January 2013 Prey Lang Committee hold a press conference show about their concerning related to Prey Lang sub-degree after conducted six discussions on this sub-degree. More than 1200 participants from Prey Lang committee, Cambodian Farmer Network, Fishermen Network, Cambodian Youths Network, Cambodian Women Network and so on from all our Cambodia joined the discussion about protecting and preserving Prey Lang area. Mrs. Pork Hong, representative Prey Land committee in Preah Vihear province said Prey Lang committee has done many protest to protect Prey Lang but it had no effect and they want the government to protect and corporate with committee especially they want government to support Prey Lang network. She added, “I and the whole Prey Lang network want the government to conduct a public discussion on Prey Lang sub-degree again.” Mr. Svay Peurn, another representative of Prey Lang committee said, “we are concerning on the sub-degree because some points this sub-degree doesn’t give right for committee to take benefit from Prey Lang and we don’t have to right to decide about what happen on Prey Lang.” Through the discussion committee found out 7 points for government to reconsider such as: 1. Meeting between Prey Lang representatives from 4 provinces with government to discuss about the sub-degree. 2. Exhorting government to decide on sub-degree about protecting and preserving Prey Lang area. 3. Government must saves land about 615306 ht in the first sub-degree. 4. Government must release the information in public about economic land concession. 5. Government must delete all the licenses about Prey Lang economic land concession, mining concession forestry concession in public. 6. Government must support Prey Lang network. 7. Government must corporate with prey land committee in order to protect Prey Lang together.