Participants Sharing Idea about Prey Lang Sub-Decree

January 21, 2013 | Posted in: News

With successful hosted a workshop about Youths involve in Prey Lang Protection, Cambodian Youths Network (CYN) co-organized with Friend of the Forest (FoF) for the last day of workshop also organize a consultation session which allow the participants to share their idea related to Prey Lang sub-degree. Many participants that most of them are youth and also Prey Lang Community  tries to share their ideas or comment on this sub-degree in purpose of protect Prey Lang to be become protected areas and against people who are trying to destroy the forest.

“Even though I don’t know much about the law but I still try to share my idea toward the law. I think this discussion is really interesting because Cambodia youth can share their idea to help prevent Prey Lang”—said Mr. Chan Dara who is a participant in the conference. According to Mr. Sar Mory, organizer from CYN said, “The reasons that we had consultation on Prey Lang sub-decree are sharing and aware information on Prey Lang sub-decree, providing chance for youth to contribute their idea and suggestions adding to Prey Lang sub-decree and we want comments from youth relate to advantages and disadvantage of sub-decree.”Recently we can see that Prey Lang is now threatened by dozens of agro-industrial plantations and mining concessions while many NOGs and also Prey Lang community is trying to protect this priceless forest in order for benefit of Cambodian because we already known that forest is our life so without forest sooner or later we will die.