National Dialogue on Prey Lang

November 9, 2012 | Posted in: News

On November 5-6, the Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) and CPN and other members of Friends of the Forest organized the 1st National Dialogue on Prey Lang in Phnom Penh. The meeting brought together about 70 people (20 women) from various special interest and civil society groups from outside the Prey Lang area to learn about Prey Lang and discuss its values to Cambodia’s broader population, analyze the draft sub-decree on Prey Lang, and generate ideas for Prey Lang’s management. Participants included downstream farmers and fishers, provincial and Phnom Penh youth, indigenous people, environmentalists, and development workers. Their ideas will be combined with input from similar dialogues already held around the Prey Lang area and anticipated in Phnom Penh in the future, for eventual submission to the government.

In the discussions, participants made the following suggestions:
• That the specific boundaries of a protected zone and related land use zones be determined by the government in cooperation with local communities;
• That the collection of non-timber forest products be allowed in designated areas;
• That the definition of conservation and protection, as used in the sub-decree, be made clear;
• That settlement inside Prey Lang’s core zone be prohibited;
• That participation of communities and civil society groups, most notably the PLCN, be mandatory for forest management.
• That any changes to the designated protected area, related land use zones, and agreed management arrangements be agreed by the PLCN and other relevant civil society groups.
• That MAFF undertake public consultations on the sub-decree, and designation of related land use zones, and arrangement of management plans, before finalizing any.
• That all actions on Prey Lang are transparent and that media are kept informed of developments.