Mr. Chhut Vuthy, Hero of Prey Lang Community

March 10, 2013 | Posted in: News

On 06th March, Prey Lang community network and NGOs partner have celebrated Prey Lang Festival in order to show thanksgiving to Mr. Chhut Vuthy in protecting Prey Lang forest at Linb field.

There are 319 community people coming from 4 provinces including NGOs partners have participated in Prey Lang festival. Since Mr. Chhut Vuthy died the community always thinks about Mr. Vuthy’s braving in protecting Prey Lang. Moreover, Mr. Vuthy used to participate all activities of Prey Lang Community Network. According to Mrs. Phok Hong, a representative of PLCN who has participated Prey Lang festival, said, “we want all communities to celebrate Prey Lang festival to become a culture festival of indigenous people in order to wish for forest activists as Mr. Chhut Vuthy because Mr. Vuthy and other activists have never thought their own benefits, but they always protect social and community interest”. On the other hand, Mrs. Vong Phann,PLCN advisor, said that “Mr. Vuthy sacrificed his life for protecting Prey Lang forest and I always remember Mr. Vuthy’s activities. I wish him rest in peace and reborn in order to protect Prey Lang as soon as. Mr. Cheuy Oudormreaksmey is a son of Mr. Chhut Vuthy who has participated Prey Lang festival said that he really thanks and appreciates so much for all communities, living around Prey Lang forest, have celebrated festival in order to wish for his father.  He added, “Even though my father died, but they always remember my father. I will remember those activities of communities that contribute this time for my father. I will participate with them as my father in protecting Prey Lang forest and I hope all community and NGOs partners will support my activities. I will continue my father’s activities with community.”