Lauded activist attacked while patrolling Prey Lang forest

March 29, 2016 | Posted in: News, Uncategorized

Forest advocate Phon Sopheak, who received The Equator Prize on behalf of the PLCN in Paris 2015, lies on the ground with her leg bound following injuries sustained during a nighttime attack on the Prey Lang Community Network patrollers in Kratie on Sunday.

Phon Sopheak, 25, suffered a deep wound to her left leg and a smaller wound to her calf as she was resting.

Prey Lang experts said that as loggers push deeper into the forest, as valuable timber dwindles and as locals’ patience runs short, violent confrontations become likelier.

Sopheak was among 52 activists from PLCN patrolling the forest on 45 motorbikes between Wednesday and Sunday. However, the patrols will continue, she added.

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