Kampong Thom – PLCN resource mapping project continues

January 2, 2014 | Posted in: News

Kokoh Phaaob Community forest in SandanFrom December 11 to 14, six PLCN mappers assisted by GNA team members met with Tumring commune chief in Sandan district. The group recorded 1,397 families residing in the commune’s eight villages and learned of eight community forestry projects that were established by Sandan Forestry Administration in cooperation with Mlup Bataing and RECOFTC. Perpetrators of forest crimes have degraded six of the eight community forestry projects. The mappers also found that three ELCs were granted in the area for rubber plantations but were not able to identify when the ELCs had been granted, nor their total size. They will check information from the ground against ODC.

From December 14 to 18, the mappers met with the Mean Rith commune council in Sandan district. They recorded 1,686 families residing in Mean Rith, including 156 families who own 168,770 resin threes in Prey Lang. More than 2,300 hectares of land belonging to over 800 families residing in this commune are the subject of a land dispute with 500 families who have migrated from Kampong Cham. Land titles had been provided by student volunteers in accordance with government policy, however the land was later offered to the migrants.

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