PLCN presents findings from April’s patrols

121 signs of illegal logging are among the interesting findings from PLCN patrollers on April 2018. See more here. Every month, PLCN presents findings from the previous month in this data format. Send an email with the subject headline data update to to recieve the update directly in your inbox. 

PLCN meets to discuss current challenges in Prey Lang

The deforestation of Prey Lang is increasing. The transport of wood out of the forest goes through both roads and waterways. The illegal loggers are now going into the forest in bigger groups than before, which makes it difficult for PLCN to outnumber them. Migrant farmers are clearing large areas of the forest for growing … Read More

PLCN presents monthly data format

Every month members of the Prey Lang Community Network collect data on illegal activities and natural resources in Prey Lang. Here they presents their findings from patrols in March 2018. Infograph PLCN MarchInfogram

PLCN cancels annual Prey Lang ceremony

As reported this week by the Khmer Times PLCN has decided to cancel the annual celebration of Prey Lang that was meant to take place this week. The celebration usually contains a Buddhist ceremony that involves a blessing of the forest performed by Buddhist monks. The network announces, that the ceremony is cancelled because network … Read More

Fires are burning down Prey Lang

We are at the peak of the fire season and fires are currently destroying natural forests in Prey Lang and in the rest of Cambodia. Satellite images from NASAs Earth Observatory showed that on February 3, 2018 more than 1,800 fires were burning all over Cambodia. NASA observed only a fourth of this number in … Read More

PLCN raises awareness about Prey Lang with big ceremony

All forest crimes in Prey Lang should be stopped immediately. This will be the message to Cambodian authorities, the press and civil society when nearly 400 members from the Prey Lang Community Network meet later this month for a ceremony in Prey Lang. In the ceremony, which also will have participants from civil society organizations … Read More

PLCN’s fight for Prey Lang covered by Huffington Post

  This week, the fight to save Prey Lang has once again gained international media attention. The international news site Huffington Post brought an extensive and captivating piece on the forest crimes happening in Prey Lang and the people, that are trying to save it. In the story, you can also see a 360 video made … Read More

The Cambodian National Bird is Losing Habitat in Prey Lang

The continuous deforestation of the Prey Lang forest, does not only have massive effects on the people living in the local communities in and around the forest. Also, some of the wildlife species are endangered by the loss of dense forest area. One of the rarest birds in the world, the Giant Ibis, the national … Read More

Indigenous Groups to Play Leadership Role in Forest Protection

The 17th of November 2017, both marked the ending of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP23, as well as a fresh start for the indigenous groups worldwide. For the first time ever, COP23 talks led to an official acknowledgement of indigenous groups, for their important role in protecting forests and fighting climate change. This … Read More

Climate Changes in Kampong Thom Province

The following interview with Mr. Minh Ny concerns the local effects of climate change in his community in Sandan district, Kampong Thom Province. Where do you see climate changes in your local community? I see climate changes in the whole area. Especially the district of Sandan suffers greatly from these changes, now more than ever … Read More

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