Kratie – 2 Forestry Community Network Members Run Away over Fear of Death Threat

April 9, 2013 | Posted in: News

On April 9, Phnom Penh Post newspaper reported that 2 out of 100 community network members who conducted forest patrol in Kratie’s Snuol district ran away after greatly suffered from death threat from authorities after burned down 7 meter cube of wood when they found it in the compound of the company where there be subjected to the illegal logging.


An exile of Snuol district forestry community network representative San Yaan says that he and Mrs. Mom Sakim received death threat from Chit Borey district police chief Yaan Hieng after they burnt down an approximately of 7 meter cube of wood during the forest patrol for five days. The wood reportedly belongs to the police chief.


San Yaan says, “I am not afraid of the death threat; I agreed to die in terms of forest protection. I would still join the forest patrol with the community network in three days. I wonder very much that he’s the person who apply the law enforcement, but respect no law; instead, the police forces are used to defend the bad person where the wood was transported away.


Snuol distrct forestry community network representative Mom Sakim said that the community already informed the authorities and forestry administration about the confiscation of wood before we decided to burn down. After burning, the community network was accused of breaking the law and death threats against the community representative. She is worried about her safety because either authorizes and businessmen threaten me at all times.


The community became discouraged that the authorities are not responsible for their actions and roles. She wonders why the authorities do not support the network in the protection of forest. Instead, they affiliate with those who destroy the forest and allow the businessmen to threaten the network freely saying “one day, the forest protectors will be dead in the forest as you hinder my business.”


CCHR’s project coordinator Chhim Savuth says that the reason the authories threaten the community network regarding the illegal logging is because they authories had their involvement with the illegal logging. If the authorieis have true will to stop the illegal logging, they shall provide support to the network, not attacking.