Nine PLCN Members Summonned by Provincial Court

March 15, 2013 | Posted in: News

On March 14, Nine Prey Lang Community Network members from Sandan district were summoned for questioning by Kampong Thom Provincial Court over the wrong accusation of destroying Ol Ratha’s cassava plantation.

Each community member along with their lawyer was questioned about this case. Mr. Cheang Vutty, Prey Lang community member said, “the judge asks us one by one. First, the judge tends to force and threaten us to agree with the accusation of Ol Ratha but our lawyers try to help us about this.”

On the day which the community visited cassava plantation, they were trying to stop Ol Ratha from destroying the forest. According to Mr. Prum Suy, one of nine members who was interrogated in court house, said their cassava haven’t been planted yet so how could they destroy it and they have no reason to destroy other people’s farm because they know the feeling when losing farm.

Since the judge put the pressure on, the villagers still claimed that their activities are to save Prey Lang. The court summoned the villagers in order to answer about the case but they didn’t call Ol Ratha to join. Mr. Vutty said: “we didn’t see Ol Ratha in court or even her lawyer and the judge just questioned us and then they close the case without any resolution or any comments.”

He also added that Prey Lang situation nowadays is still under destruction from companies. Recently, he saw another new company coming to Prey Lang area. The new company situated nearby Seng Saravuth Company. He said, “another new company came and we haven’t known yet what they are going to do and where they are going to destroy. Our Community will take immediate action if there is any problem with this new company since now no one cares about Prey Lang and sooner or later Prey Lang will be totally destroyed because of the ignorance from other people.”

Here are nine members of community to be questioned: Prum Suy, Saov kerng, Meas Vorn, Meas Korng, Noun Kin, Moa Thea, Hen hai. They are the active members who always assist Prey Lang Community Network in the protection of Prey Lang Forest.