Stung Treng – PLCN Field Mapping Continues

July 19, 2013 | Posted in: News

On July 10-15, ten mapping team members from PLCN and CYN (all men) met and interviewed four commune chiefs in the Stung Treng communes of Preahromkel, Anlong Chrey, Anlong Phee, and Saang, documenting 22 villages and 3,377 families. The community people make their living through farming, resin collection, and the harvesting of food from the forest. For the last three years, it has become increasingly difficult for them to support themselves as the area’s natural resources have dwindled.


The mapping team met with eight community forest communities established in the four communes mentioned above. In Anlong Chrey commune, the community is being supported by Development Partnership in Action (DPA) to obtain a land title. The mapping team also learned that since 2011, there have been three individual, family-owned rubber plantations set up in Anlong Chrey. The owners of the plantations have cut down forest land to grow rubber trees.

Out of eight original community forests in Anlong Chrey, four are in the process of being registered with the Forestry Administration. Four others have been destroyed by illegal loggers and migrants who have cut down the forest to grow crops, build houses, etc.  The people living in the four particular communes have lost many resin trees. In addition, their land rights (including those of many indigenous people) have been violated repeatedly. As a result, living conditions have become worse as their incomes have fallen and they have lost access to other natural resources over the past three years.