Stung Treng – PLCN-Affiliated Community Demands Intervention Against Migrants

July 26, 2013 | Posted in: News

On July 19, 40 PLCN –affiliated community members (all men) gathered at the village chief’s house in Viel Por, Anglong Phe commune to demand authorities intervene in the case of 20 families who had settled there and cleared around 80 hectares of forest land in Prey Lang since 2012, planting corn, rice, and watermelon. The migrants’ arrival has resulted in the loss of forest and land and has hurt spiritual traditions. The authorities promised they would invite the migrants to the communal office to discuss the matter in few days.


On July 20, 15 PLCN-affiliated community members (all men) planted three sign boards with pictures of Chhut Wutty and messages urging cooperation between local authorities, environmental NGOs, and community networks in the protection of Prey Lang in Prey Phnom Dach, Prey Chhtiel Toeu, and Prey Trapeang Leuk.


On July 24, 15 PLCN-affiliated community members (all men), and five migrants (one woman) held a discussion with the Anglong Phe commune chief and the police and village chief at the communal office. The authorities said the migrants had to leave or the Forestry Administration, relevant experts, and others would be called in to begin legal action against the illegal settlements.