Siem Reap – PLCN Core Group Meeting Held

September 16, 2013 | Posted in: News

On September 9-10, PLCN in cooperation with CPN/CDPS, and its affiliate CYN, held a PLCN Core Group meeting in Siem Reap that included 41 participants (12 women) from all four Prey Lang provinces. The network shared information on forest patrols and the seizure of illegal logging equipment. In addition, the following occurred:


  • A new core group of 20 members (5 representatives were elected);
  • Four PLCN representatives were selected to work with CDPS to support activities related to the network;
  • Preparations were made for a September 12 meeting with Friends of the Forest in Phnom Penh;
  • Meetings were planned for October and November with NGO partners working on community forestry as well as local authorities; and
  • Preparations began on a new advocacy campaign.


Meeting participants discussed previous achievements but also obstacles hampering PLCN activities, such as the leaking of information to illegal loggers, which gave them time to evade forest patrols. CPN/CDPS also reported that local authorities have threatened a network member and discouraged people from participating in any events at the national level.