Prey Lang Resource Mapping Project Continues

July 12, 2013 | Posted in: News

On July 8, eight PLCN and CYN members met with Tasu and Putra commune authorities to collect information for their comprehensive mapping. The mapping team discovered people in those communes have not taken any responsibility for protecting the forest.


The mapping team met with more than 20 families whose land had been taken by the Heng Ruy Company for a plantation. Other families within the 10,000 hectare concession also expect to lose their land.


On July 9, the mapping team met with Sang Kae Mouy commune council members, CF’s Committees, and community members in order to collect information for the mapping and documentation exercise. They learned that the Sa’em and Sang Kae Mouy villages have suffered considerably from the clearance of farm and forest land  by RUI FENG (CAMBODIA) International Company even though the area, which borders Prey Lang, is supposed to be included in the Prey Pheah Roka protected area.