Prey Lang Network From Stung Traeng Reported the Illegal Logging

August 14, 2012 | Posted in: News

On May 2012 Prey Lang network Representative Sen Sathear from Stung Treng said that the illegal logging activities are taking place in Prey Lang area as attached with pictures herewith. Hired workers led by Siem Buok commune police chief Sam Yan are cutting trees for land claim, and timbers invention and investment in the region. The area becomes plantation, and they are continuously logging more trees in 3 or 4 kilometers around the area. This police is preparing and marking the series of plots of land for sale in the area.


On 13 Aug, 2012 Four of Prey Lang Network members from O’lang village, Siem Buok Commune, Sambo District, Stung Traeng province investigate the area to see if it’s truly happening. Finally, the team found the illegal logging area for land claim and timber products. The team will report to district governor and provincial governor to ask for intervention and stopping the activities taking place at Siem Buok Commune’s O’run, O’Kamping Rach , O’Praek and Peam o’thmor areas. They concluded that tractors are used to clear land and forest for land claim.


More information, please contact Prey Lang Network.

1- Mr. Sen Sathear team leader PLCN Tel: 012804057/0889858421

2- Mr. Ros EY core mumber of PLCN Tel: 088 7658 957

3- Mr. Ros Aon mumber of PLCN

4- Mr. Meas Sarin mumber of PLCN Tel: 097 5346 976