Preah Vihear – PLCN Notes Suspicious Activity at Local Company

August 2, 2013 | Posted in: News

On July 26, a Chrach commune council member and PLCN member reported that PLCN members in Chey Saen district saw three bulldozers arrive at the Phnom Thmar Ratanak Stone Company, fearing that the machines could be used to clear forest. At the same time, two trucks loaded with illegally logged timber left the premises. PLCN reported that earlier Phnom Thmar Ratanak had brought in the timber and then used trucks belonging to Tri Pheap to transport it out again. PLCN suspects that Tri Pheap ordered the timber from the company and will continue to monitor the site and provide updates on developments.


On July 26, Preah Vihear-based PLCN representative Pok Hong was threatened over the phone by a former Thmea commune chief who accused her of joining the CNRP and campaigning for the opposition party in the evenings. She denied the allegation. Her husband then grabbed the phone and spoke to the caller, who said nothing. Pok Hong said she is concerned about her safety. Pok Hong travelled to the US last year to advocate for Prey Lang at the UN in New York and on Capitol Hill in D.C.


On August 1, PLCN representatives from Preah Vihear reported that Vietnamese company CRCK is continuing to clear forest in the areas of Beung Sach and Neak Ta Chvea in Rovieng district. CRCK usually clears the forest at night. PLCN members generally collect non-timber forest products at Srae village, Reab Roy commune and Spong village, Anlong Phe commune in Rovieng district where the illegal logging is taking place.