PLCN members speak on radio talk show:

April 29, 2014 | Posted in: News

forestpicture-21-2On 22 and 23 April, four PLCN members (two women) – Sam No, Pok Hong, Thai Bunleang and Tep Toem – and another woman from the Organization to Promote Kuy Cultures (OPKC) were invited to attend a radio talk show organized by the Women’s Media Centre and Radio Free Asia. The theme of the show was Natural and Life, Illegal logger.

During the talk show, five people called asking for an explanation of the network and what it does, and why the forest was important. The panelists discussed the problems of economic land concessions, mining concessions, and social land concessions inside the forest. They also said the network was taking active protection measures, although it would like the government, private companies, local and international NGOs and community members to join hands to save the forest.

Thai Bunleang said on RFA that he was concerned the forest’s stocks of rosewood would be completely exhausted by the end of this year or next if continued logging takes place.