PLCN Members Bring Their Concerns to ASEAN Grassroots People’s Assembly Forum

June 28, 2013 | Posted in: News

 On June 24, around 550 people including 89 PLCN (31 women) representatives and members from all four Prey Lang provinces joined a pre-election ASEAN Grassroots People Assembly Forum in Siem Reap. Members of other grassroots groups, including forestry, fisheries and land CBOs and networks, along with human rights defenders and unionists, with NGO workers also participating.


The goal was to discuss issues related to deforestation, land conflicts, the Prime Minister’s land titling program, and other concerns with party candidates in advance of elections.  Prey Lang was raised as an important issue, especially related to illegal logging, economic land concessions, and mining. Candidates, across all parties present, supported saving Prey Lang and called for better law enforcement. The CPP did not participate in the forum.


According to media, PLCN members also joined a similar forum in Mondulkiri, where Prey Lang was also raised.  However, we have no details on how many PLCN members participated at this time.