Observation of Sandan District Officers and Prey Lang Community

February 15, 2013 | Posted in: News

Around 70 people from Chouk Village, Sandan district along with district officer patrol into the area which the community found out about illegal logging by CRCK Company on 14th February. Yesterday on 13th after people around 200 from Prey Lang community in Kompong Thom went to district office to ask the governor to take action on those illegal activities, the district officer also called to CRCK company to stop their activities.

Ms. Channa, representative from Chouk Village, said that even though the district governor banned CRCK company about their illegal activities, but the community is not trust about this since they didn’t give any formal letter. Moreover the governor also promises to patrol on that area with community.

In the morning of 14th the community decided to patrol and observe about CRCK’s activities whether they stop or goings-on their activity. When the community arrived at the area, they saw the company had no any activities. But community is still continues to observe because they worry that the company might continue their work at night time.

Channa said, “We will divide people into group in order to observe on company and if we find any more activities, we will report it to district office again. But if the governor still has no action to protect this area, we will gather and go to company in order to talk directly to them.”