Kratie – Prey Lang Mapping Project Continues:

November 4, 2013 | Posted in: News

From October 29, six PLCN representatives from four Prey Lang provinces, including one CYN volunteer and two GNA staff from EWMI, continued to collect data in the communes of Kampong Cham Vatanak and Chroy Beantay of Kratie province. Mapping team is planning to collect data in the Communes of Boeung Lvea and Kroya of Kampong Thom province. The collection will continue until November 8.


The mapping team learned that a Kang Cham commune chief who organized a meeting with more than 181 people (120 women) in Sambo district promised participants he would bring farmland back from the Think Biotech Company for around 200 families. The Kang Cham commune authorities expressed their cooperation with PLCN in Prey Lang protection.