Kratie – Community Protests Clearing of Land by Korean Company

May 31, 2013 | Posted in: News

On May 26, more than 200 villagers in Sambor district’s Kampong Cham commune gathered to stop the Korean company Think Biotech from clearing their farm land. Sam Nou, a community leader, said that authorities had promised villagers the company would stop clearing farm land and land belonging to indigenous communities. However, the clearing did not stop. According to the Kampong Cham commune chief, Think Biotech plans to clear 40,000 hectares inside Prey Lang.

The demonstration dispersed on the afternoon of May 27 when armed personnel were deployed to the area. On May 28, the provincial governor and the district governor met with the protestors, promising to provide land titles to the more than 4,000 families affected by the land clearing. However, this is the third time such a promise has been made, and no action has even been taken.