Kampong Thom – PLCN member reports the increase of anarchic logging

November 27, 2013 | Posted in: News

On November 21, PLCN member Lim Pen from Kampong Thom’s Sandan Didstrict reported GNA team that the forest crimes are terribly increasing in these couples weeks happening in the areas of Phnom Chy mountain, Snorng On, Phnom Krohorm mountain, O’Chas, Prey Phom Kandal, Rolours, and also the area of Kang Meas in Sochet Commune. Forest criminals are cutting down big trees in those areas and transport luxury timber woods to the factory located in Sochet Commune’s Rumchek village. Prey Lang resource mapping team also discovered several policemen officers and militaries armed with guns who get involved with logging and appeared in the forest. Srae Pring community forest members and PLCN member Lim Pen added that all illegal loggers are allowed to cut trees in the areas being approved by Tumrinng Forest Administration in Sandan district.

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