Kampong Thom – PLCN Conducts Series of Forest Patrols

August 2, 2013 | Posted in: News

On July 23-27, 15 community members led by Prey Lang core group members from Sandan district conducted forest patrols on foot in the Stung Bangroung area. Community members discovered piles of cut wood inside Prey Lang although the loggers had fled the scene. Since community members could not transport the wood, they took photographs and will present the evidence to NGOs and stakeholders as well as attach photos to any complaint they make to authorities. The patrols were supported financially by “savings groups” organized by the Kampong Thom PLCN, who also noted that illegal logging activities had increased an estimated 50 percent one month before the national election. A Kampong Thom PLCN representative, Mao Chanthoeun, suggested that PLCN organize a larger campaign to stop clearing activities by the CRCK company and look for illegal logging activities inside Prey Lang. She said the campaign could include members from four provinces, approximately 450 people, and launch after the Prey Lang core group meeting in August. She suggested looking for NGO support.