Kampong Thom – CPN and PLCN patrol Prey Lang area

December 6, 2013 | Posted in: News

Commencing November 27, 102 PLCN members (14 women) from Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear came together to participate in a five day forest patrol in Sandan district, supported by CYN and CPN/CDPS. The patrol uncovered and confiscated hundreds of pieces illegally logged luxury wood. PLCN contacted the provincial forestry administration to collect the timber, which was found in Prey Lang’s Otasit, Oda, Kbal Oda and Prey Yiem areas.

On November 30, PLCN members reported receiving death threats from Mr Rou, and Mr Rath, loggers from Prek Prasap district, Kratie.

Patrollers from Kampong Thom returned home after three days, and 45 PLCN members (10 women) from Preah Vihear continued patrolling for a further two days on their trek home. They found hundreds more pieces of illegally logged timber and confiscated 5 chainsaws. The chainsaws were handed over to Chey Sen district authorities, at which time PLCN members noticed that 9 chainsaws they had previously turned in were still waiting destruction. The Chey Sen district office advised that they were unable to destroy the chainsaws “due to a lack of funds.” There are now 14 chainsaws awaiting destruction.

Timber factory owner Sreng Meng claimed ownership of some of the timber that had been discovered during the five day patrol. Following the patrol, on December 2 Sreng Meng threatened that PLCN members’ homes would be destroyed if they continued their activities. PRAJ awaits further reports from this patrol to confirm its events and outcomes.

Photos from the patrol were circulated widely among Cambodians on Facebook. The week saw several hundred new “likes” to the Facebook page, now approaching several thousand.

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