District Governor Makes an Unbelievable Promise toward Community’s Request

February 13, 2013 | Posted in: News

On 13th February, more than 200 people from Prey Lang Community in Kompong Thom province such as Beok Per village, Chom Brorb village, Chouk village and Saporthom village  gather together at Sandan district office in order to submit the evidences of illegal activities of CRCK rubber plantation company in Prey Lang. The authority allows only 10 representatives to meet them in their office during the lunch time.

Mr.Hern Sopheap, one representative of community, said, “The authority told us to wait until 15th this month to solve the problem of illegal activities of CRCK company because they want to observe about this case at that area” He added that even though the authority promised to solve this problem but they did not give him any formal letters about this action. Representatives of Prey Lang also asked for the formal letter from the authority but they refused to give it. Hern Sopheap showed about his concerned related to this promise without any references. He said, “They just said but they did not give us anything so we do not know whether we can trust this or not.”

All representatives who are allowed to meet the district officer were really disappointed because the meeting was not yet finish but the governor left the meeting by an excuse that it’s about the time for him to have lunch. Hern Sopheap said, “We are not yet find any suitable solutions but the district officer walked out of the meeting by saying that he was hungry.”

The entire villager who came to district office still waits for the governor until afternoon around 3 p.m. to meet the governor but they still cannot meet him again. Mr. Sopheap said, “We are planning to go to CRCK company if the district governors still refuse to meet us or do not make any resolutions on this problem because we cannot wait anymore or our Prey Lang will be totally destroy since CRCK company and also other companies are continuing to cut the forest.”