CPN/CDPS and PLCN Hold Strategy Meeting in Phnom Penh

September 23, 2013 | Posted in: News

On September 12, CPN and PLCN conducted a Prey Lang strategy meeting ​​at the CPN office with around 25 people (six women), including representatives from CYN. At the meeting, participants discussed strategies to save Prey Lang as well as how to highlight to the wider world the benefits of the forest, including through slogans such as “We are all Prey Lang owners” and “Prey Lang is our lives.” In addition, participants expressed interest in social media, which is new to them.  They were keen to see more information on the PLCN online.

The meeting agreed to organize a press conference in October to express community concerns about the plight of Prey Lang and to provide an award to people who have the best ideas about how to protect the forest for the future.