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Nov 22

November 22, 2016

Tree selfies in Wat Phnom

Where in Phnom is there a lot of trees and a lot of people? At Wat Phnom! Young activists from Cambodian Youth Network, went to Wat Phnom to take selfies with trees and to ask others to the same. See who they met and don’t forget to join our campaign!... Read more

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Nov 21

November 21, 2016

More videos for the Campaign

Our campaign workers have been busy producing content to promote the #Selfieforthetree campaign. They recently visited the Royal University of Phnom Penh to have a talk with the students about the campaign and the importance of protecting the forests of Cambodia. Here you can see 3 videos with young students explaining why they think protecting the forests is important.  ... Read more

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Nov 11

November 11, 2016

Article about the #Selfieforthetree campaign.

Phnom Penh Post, has posted an article about our current campaign. You can read it here: Article in Phnom Penh Post... Read more

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Nov 11

November 11, 2016

New campaign videos from the PLCN

2 new campaign videoes from PLCN members explaining about the importance of protecting the forest are here.  ... Read more

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Nov 5

November 5, 2016

Save the forest with a selfie

#selfieforthetree, #standwithourtrees, #standwithPLCN, #stopthecut, #60%forestcover Find a tree. In your street, in your village or in your forest. Take a selfie with that tree and post it on Facebook. Then ask your friends to do the same. Now you have showed your support for a future Cambodia with forests. In a way, you have saved the forest with a selfie.... Read more

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Oct 21

October 21, 2016

Timber smugglers are getting off the hook

An analysis conducted by The Phnom Penh Post shows that most of the apprehended timber smugglers get away. According to the analysis only 25% of the cases have led to arrest or a fine, while in 32% of cases the suspects have gotten away entirely. Read more and see the interactive graphics for the analysis in The Phnom Penh Post... Read more

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Oct 17

October 17, 2016

Ministry investigating timber stockpiles

Ministry of Environment is investigating allegation that some wood depots are trading in timber from illegal logging operations. Environment minister Say Samal, says that they will file lawsuits against any wood depot found to be stocking wood from illegal operations. Read more in the Phnom Penh Post... Read more

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Aug 29

August 29, 2016

Online celebrity is unpopular because of comments at a forum

Celebrity Thy Sovantha has become unpopular to local communities, because she addressed the logging problem as being created by locals. But if there were no large companies, then there would not be any large scale logging problem, says Heoun Sopheap, a member of the PLCN. Read morein the Phnom Penh Post  ... Read more

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Aug 23

August 23, 2016

Environmental groups given chance to address PM Hun Sen at forum

For the first time environmental groups from all over the country, were given the chance to address the Primeminister directly, at a forum in Phnom Penh. Members from PLCN is attending, but is afraid that there is little time for everybody to be heard. Read more in The Phnom Penh Post  ... Read more

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Jul 4

July 4, 2016

Prime minister Hun Sen reaches out for cooperation with communities, especially the PLCN.

At the National Fish Day, prime minister Hun Sen said that it was time to put all differences aside and start cooperating. In many years NGO’s and local communities have had a tense relationship to authorities. Now Hun Sen wants to change that relationship and the change has to start with the government, he said. Prey Lang activist Hoeun Sopheap,... Read more

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