Answers of CPN Activist to Rio+20

June 20, 2012 | Posted in: News, Uncategorized


  1. Because Prey Lang forest is my family, community and country lives.   If Prey Lang forest is lost, we will meet difficulties and lose everything; especially traditional, customary business.


  1. Because Prey Lang is a great valuable property for the whole of Cambodian people.  Prey Lang has yielded not only abundant food provisions; but also important water source to humans and animals.


  1. Besides giving interests to community in the area, Prey Lang has also been giving interests to the other distant Cambodians such as: alluvial soil dumping into central lowland for agricultural sector and water source providing food to fish living in Mekong and Tonle Sap lak es for fishing.   Prey Lang helps protect us from natural disasters such as: storm, flood and drought……etc.


  1. Together with this Prey Lang helps stabilize environment and prevent serious climate change for global people.


  1. The outsiders said Prey Lang had been very important because it was natural property of the World and of us.  It gives interests to all of us; it is, consequently, time for us to be partners in order to protect the important Prey Lang forest.


  1. We want to see Prey Lang sustainable for our generation children and the World.
  1. The reason we chose AVATA film as an example for our advocacy is because the film had culture similar to the indigenous people in Prey Lang area.  Additionally this film highlighted the link between human and nature as well as the strugle of the tribe in protection of the forest.


  1. Recently we have seen the increase of problems over the provision of economic concession lands, ore exploration, hydroelectric dams in Cambodia and deforestation by the powerfuls and the richs; particularly in Prey Lang area many timbers and logs were illegally trasported out from the forest.


  1. Up to now there have been, at least,  300 cases of land disputes across Cambodia between communities, companies and the powerfuls; and nearly 300 human rights activists and natural resource protection groups were jailed and followed for arrest and prosecution in accordance with the law.


  1. We organize and link them as networks through meetings, workshops and visits in order to share experience to each other and we make them understand that the existing problems are ours and we finally want them to jointly solve.